Clinical Counselling

Specialized counselling support for individuals and their families.

Clinical Counselling With Doug West, MA, DVATI, RCC

Doug is a clinical counselor, art therapist, & neurofeedback practitioner who has been working with youth and adults since 1993. He has vast experience working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurodiverse populations using NeurOptimal training in conjunction with other modalities. Doug incorporates neurofeedback training in all aspects of his work to improve self-regulation. This non-invasive training allows the brain to be at its best and the addition of art therapy facilitates the expression of strong emotions, as well as a deeper understanding of the relationships between things.

Doug specializes in supporting families with “neurodiverse” children and youth. Parenting is challenging to begin with, and adding the emotional and behavioural challenges that come along with a diagnosis of Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, or other neurodevelopmental challenges can be overwhelming.

Doug combines counselling and neurofeedback training with goals of improving self-regulation, communication, and socialization, which results in less stress for parents and allows for a deeper connection with their child. The effectiveness of this approach is monitored through Outcome rating tools that tracks progress in four domains: Personal, Social, Family, and Overall Well-being.

Why Add NeurOptimal® to Counselling?

Put simply, your brain is in control of everything you experience. If your brain has been overly stressed by life’s challenging events, this can cause you to feel anxious, angry, or depressed. Sometimes the brain becomes caught in these unhealthy or less productive patterns and they can be hard to overcome. NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback training assists the brain in learning to function more efficiently. It is a neuro-technology that offers information to the brain in real-time allowing the brain to essentially see its own performance. In response, the brain and central nervous system adjusts itself making changes to its own activity, allowing it to become more flexible and resilient and overall better regulated. A better regulated brain handles stress far better!

Find The Best System For Your Needs

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