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“The reality is people want to feel better as soon as possible, and they don’t want to take the long road. I learned a long time ago that neurofeedback training assisted people in managing their stress better. Most people seek help because they are not managing well, and on-going counselling sessions can turn into excessive costs. Neurofeedback moves the whole process along much faster by enhnacing one’s ability to self regulate. When you are regulating better, you feel better. When you are feeling more in control, it is much easier to learn strategies in counselling that will keep you there.”

Start your journey of improving brain health with the most advanced brain training system available, NeurOptimal®. Learn about our
affordable and user friendly Rental systems, Clinical Counselling services, NeurOptimal Products, and Certification Courses.

Rent or Buy NeurOptimal®

Affordable, easy to use, comprehensive NeurOptimal® training can be done in the comfort of your own home. These systems can be rented for as few as 2 weeks and up to 6 months and come with training tutorials and on-going support.

Access Clinical Counselling

Professional Counselling with Registered Clinical Counselor, Doug West, who specializes in children and youth with “neurodiverse needs” –ADHD, autism, anxiety, Learn more about the benefits of our counselling services.

Become a Certified Trainer

Become a Certified Trainer in 2 Days. Zengar Institute’s Basic Certification Course in NeurOptimal® is provided LIVE with Doug West, Certified NeurOptimal® Instructor, and NeurOptimal® Representative.

Experience the Empowerment that comes with NeurOptimal ® Advanced Brain Training

Neurofeedback is not what it used to be. The practice of neurofeedback training has a 50 year history, but with the technological improvements we have all witnessed, the power and portability of this non-invasive training has allowed neurofeedback training to be accessible to all. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback effortlessly affects positive change for individuals where other conventional approaches fall short. NeurOptimal® has made it easy to provide comprehensive, safe, neurofeedback training which is cost effective and available to anyone.

Doesn’t it make sense to try something that is completely non-invasive, safe, and side-effect free before the more invasive interventions. NeurOptimal is considered a “Consumer Product” by Health Canada, and the FDA in the United States has designated NeurOptimal to be a “General Wellness Device”.

NeurOptimal® Products

Whether it seeking out the best system for personal use, or a Professional System for your Clinical setting or business, NeurOptimal® has a system to fit your needs with financing options that don’t break your bank.

What Clients Say About DRW NeuroPerformance

I was referred to the neurofeedback program back in May/June 2017. My son & I were both apprehensive but noticed small, yet significant changes about a month or so in. Now, after a year the changes are phenomena!!! I cannot say enough about the changes I’ve seen in my teenage son… so much so that […]
Parent, Surrey, BC
We have a son who has Autism. Since doing neurofeedback sessions we have noticed an amazing change in him. He smiles and laughs; he interacts with his younger siblings and seems to recognize if they are happy or sad. He speaks more often and his sense of humour is becoming very prominent. We would have […]
Parent, Surrey, BC
I found this treatment to be very effective, yet with very little asked of my son. All he had to do was listen to the music, making it easy to persuade him to go.
Parent of teenager with Autism, Surrey, BC
I found the neurofeedback sessions to be a very positive experience. What happens during the session and how it works was explained very well and all my questions were answered. Before neurofeedback, my son displayed the following behaviors…lack of motivation, talk of being worthless, thoughts of suicide, frustrated very easily resulting in a complete shut […]
Parent, White Rock, BC
My brother started Neurofeedback in November 2011. He has aspergers syndrome and has had many challenges in his life up to that date. Because of this, he was violent to other children and wasn’t very social, and had frequent meltdowns that made it very difficult to get through to him. He also had problems expressing […]
Sister to a 13 year old with Aspergers, Langley, BC
Our son has been receiving training for over a year and we are extremely pleased with the changes we have noticed. He has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and has difficulty in social situations and interacting with people. He did approximately 2-3 times a week of bio feedback training. We have noticed that he does […]
Parent of teenager with Aspergers Syndrome, Surrey, BC

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