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Rent the NeurOptimal® Professional System

Always wanted to try neurofeedback, but thought it was too expensive? Home training reduces the cost, time, and travel of
clinical appointments. With full support and resources – begin home training immediately.

Rental Benefits

  • Easy to setup and simple to learn
  • Use in the comfort of your own home
  • Rental systems can be used once per day with multiple users
  • Alternative funding resources and support options available
  • SPECIAL: 2 weeks for $550 or $1000 for 30 days with UNLIMITED use
  • Full support and guidance from Doug West, Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer, Zengar Certification Instructor

Is Neurofeedback Training safe?

Yes, neurofeedback training is completely non-intrusive and safe and has been used clinically for over 20 years. Neurofeedback training uses your brain’s own resources – nothing is imposed and there is no artificial stimulation. It relies on your Central Nervous System’s (CNS) inherent intelligence to make changes where it feels it needs to. It is not directing your brain in any way, just providing it with more real-time information.

What does NeurOptimal help with?

Because NeurOptimal® improves resilience and flexibility. Anyone can benefit from this type of training. Resilience is important for the brain as it enhances its ability to bounce back from life’s challenges. The brain also benefits from improved flexibility allowing it to deal with changes in circumstances and think about problems in new and creative ways. People report greater resilience and flexibility, as well as better self-organization, higher degrees of self-control, and happier days.”

Have Questions or Ready to Rent?

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our rental services.

We ship all over Canada and the USA. In most cases delivery
is within 2 days.